adlytics – your excellent partner in digital marketing analysis

Just because you do everything, doesn’t mean you do everything perfectly.

Therefore, we specialize in what we do best: monitoring and analyzing online marketing activities. Though the systematic collection and analysis of data is just one side of the coin. adlytics also focuses on the other: the qualitative and individual evaluation of data. We help you understand complex data sets and gain valuable knowledge about the online journeys of your customers.

We provide the skills you need to optimize your online marketing measures, such as lead generation, SEM, SEO, email marketing, or social media. The comprehensive data analysis that adlytics delivers enables you to enhance your digital marketing channels, e.g. websites, apps or videos, at every level – and make your success visible.

Discovering your individual needs

We analyze the scope of your online marketing and determine which tools you need to optimize your digital marketing activities.
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Implementing efficient tools

We implement the relevant tools in your system and create the technical structures for efficient data acquisition.
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Making performance measurable

We analyze the collected data and quickly provide you with extensive reports and analyses as the excellent basis for further strategic development.
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Contributing valuable recommendations

If desired, we use our extensive experience to advise you on the best steps to optimize your online activities.
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adlytics – making your online marketing measurable.