We could tell you lots of things, but we prefer to focus on what we do best.

We are experienced technology experts, who will tell you what you need to hear, which is not necessarily the same thing as telling you what you want to hear. Long-term customers appreciate this openness which is largely influenced by our particular actions: combining the knowledge of which tools are necessary to achieve customer targets with a high technological expertise. This is what makes adlytics so special and is the main reason why renowned customers trust us with the analysis of their online marketing activities.

Together with our customers, we develop strategically relevant overall concepts for optimizing their online marketing activities according to their specific needs. We always ensure: expert quantitative analysis and qualitative assessment of a project’s effect.
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About adlytics

adlytics was founded by its managing director Andreas Dierl in 2007. Since then, the company has helped many global players to enhance and optimize their digital marketing. adlytics utilizes high-quality tools when implementing a chosen strategy for these demanding clients and has been working with Adobe Marketing Cloud products since 2007. adlytics has also been an Adobe partner since 2012.

Andreas Dierl

About Andreas Dierl – founder and managing director

Andreas graduated from the University of Applied Science in Worms with a Diploma in Computer Science. In his previous position as Head of Development, he played a key role in the design of multimedia set-top-boxes including the analysis of customer’s media consumption. His work resulted in a patented design for video-on-demand via satellite.

Andreas Dierl founded adlytics in 2007 and has been a Adobe Customer Advisory Board member 2010 to 2015.

Speaker Adobe Summit 2017, London

Analytics Idol 2017: Top tips & tricks

The winners of our popular annual Analytics Idol competition share their tips, tricks and power strategies. Discover why these contestants were voted the best of the year.

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Speaker Adobe Summit 2014, London

Analytics Idol: Europe has voted—the top tips are here!

Made for web and digital analysts in all industries. Hear from the winners of the analytics idol contest! The analytics tips, tricks and power strategies were voted best of the year and will help you get more out of your digital analytics efforts.
Winner: Andreas Dierl

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Speaker Adobe Summit 2014, London

Discovering ad hoc analysis: extend your skills for faster and cleaner analysis

If you’re using ad hoc Analysis (formerly Adobe Discover) you know it allows you to segment your visitors based on exactly what you need to know. Now learn how to use the latest features to understand your site visitors better and convert more customers.

Speaker List: https://2014.summit.adobe.com/emea/speakers/
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Webinar / Demandbase, 2013

Favorite B2B Analytic Reports and Insights

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Speaker Adobe / Omniture Summit 2011, London

Validating Data Integrity Post-implementation to Ensure Confidence in Your Analysis